• 1. Set a goal on the grade you are aiming for. 
    2. Preview the lesson that will be covered before class for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
    3. Be an active learner, take good notes, listen carefully, and ask questions.
    4. Do all your homework (expect to be time consuming and some problems to be challenging) and make sure to check the odd answer in the back of the book.
    5. Periodically review previous notes and homework. Create a mock test with problems from the notes and homework.
    6. Find out when Mr. Camacho is available for extra help.
    7. Always study several days before a test. Make sure you understand the concepts from the homework, notes, and form a study group.
    8. Be persistent. Math may be difficult but with the right attitude, work ethic, and good help, you will find yourself achieving your goal. 
Last Modified on April 4, 2012