ONLY way to get to your Google Classroom is now by your CLASS PERIOD 

    DO NOT use our orginal Classroom

    ONLY PERIOD 2 remains the same

    This is where you will turn in your assignments

    Here is your login by period:

    Here is your class code to join, make sure you join your Period classroom:

    Period 3 = dvjwtxc

    Period 5 = f4ydelr

    Period 6 = pmr3ldt

    Period 7 = ctjeq7c


    Application of Business Technology (Period 3)

    Click on the link to get to your Google Classroom


    The Code to Join is: dvjwtxc

    Application of Business Technology (Period 5)
    The Code to Join is: f4ydelr
    Application of Business Technology (Period 6)
    The Code to Join is: pmr3ldt
    Application of Business Technology (Period 7)
    The Code to Join is: ctjeq7c
    Virtual Enterprise (Period 2)

    Click on the link to get to your Google Classrom:

    Virtual Enterprise

    The code to join is:  bk7dwrc



    Sign in to your Google Account first in order to get to your Google Classrooms.

    Save ALL of your work in your Google Drive Period Folder that we created earlier. 

    ONLY for major projects, you will be asked to Drop them in your Google Classroom. 


    As of March 16, 2020, all of you are already signed in.  Look for lessons to begin March 23.

    Also, you need to check your current grade in Aeries.  As you complete assignments, I want you to keep up to date with your grades.


    You can call me on my Google Cell Phone Number at (805) 622-7978 between 8:00 am to 3:30 pm during the COVID-19 emergency if you have any questions related to your grade or assignments.

    Email: david.williams@sausd.us