• Vision and Mission

    Vision Statement

    Sepulveda Elementary aims to provide a high quality learning for students of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and academic ability levels.  In order to empower them to compete in a technologically diverse and complex society.  In order to become college and career ready, we prepare them to become independent learners at school as well as at home.

    School Mission

    Sepulveda Elementary School will keep an effective Language Arts instructional focus which includes STEM and health.  Based on individual needs, we are committed to change and evolve in our program.  Our Sepulveda community is committed to providing academic, behavioral, and emotional support in order to give an equitable education to all students.    

    In order to achieve our mission, we will:

    • ensure a positive, orderly, safe, and clean school environment that promotes confident and self-motivated lifelong learners.
    • promptly identify behavioral and health needs and provide support through
      • Turning Point
      • Healthy Tomorrows
      • Padres Unidos
      • Support Staff (TOSA, psychologist, nurse, speech, physical and orthopedic therapists, etc.)
      • Vision for Life
      • Healthy Smiles
      • Other district approved community resources
    • promptly identify academic needs and provide support through
      • SST process
      • Intervention (during, before, and after school)
      • DIBELS progress monitoring
    • ensure that students demonstrate their achievement through a variety of district and state assessments.