WELCOME to 6th Grade Social Studies/ELA and Broadcast Media with Mr. Dorman!

    6th grade Social Studies is a fun class. We examine the important people, places, events, and ideas from all over the world starting from Pre-history through approximately 300 CE. We’ll learn about Geography, The first humans and the beginning of civilization in Mesopotamia. We’ll dive into the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India and Greece. We’ll study their architecture, inventions and culture as well as learn about many, many more interesting people who have contributed great things to our world.


    In English Language Arts, we will have a great time. Throughout the year you will be increasing your skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar,spelling and vocabulary. We will use literature and expository texts as a base, incorporating critical reading and writing skills. We will experience literature in various genres through classroom and independent reading. We will used curriculum aligned with the 6th grade Common Core State Standards.


    The Introduction to Broadcast Media elective The Broadcast and Media
    Arts Pathway offers an overview to the broadcast media industry, including an introduction to anchoring, directing, editing, interviewing, news writing, photojournalism/videotaping and reporting. Students will have hands on access to real industry tools and will participate in “The Spartan Chronicles” student news tapings. Students will be expected to watch, think, speak, read, write, analyze news, participate in class discussions, and ask lots of questions.

    Class Schedule

    Lathrop Bell Schedule

    Period 0: Seminar/College Prep
    Period 1: 6th Grade ELA
    Period 2: 6th Grade Social Studies
    Period 3: 6th Grade Social Studies
    Period 4: 6th Grade ELA
    Period 5: Conference/Prep
    Period 6: Broadcast Media
    All class information/lessons are accessible via Canvas.
    Codes for contact information can be found in Canvas or Aeries.
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