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    Welcome to Ms. Skipper's Home Page!


    Hello, my name is Sherry Skipper Spurgeon and I teach honors mathematics in room 6. The 2020–2021 school year is now in the bag and I am thankful for my students and their families for doing such an amazing job this school year. 

    COVID TESTING for 12–15 Year Olds:  Did you know that children aged 12–15 are now able to get the COVID vaccine? Click here to sign up!

    GSA/QSA:  As the adviser for MacArthur's Queer Straight Alliance, I am overjoyed by the support from our students and staff~. We are one of the newer clubs on campus and I am looking forward to providing my support and alliance to our LGBTQ+ community. 

    BLUE LIGHT GLASSES: A number of my students are complaining about their eyes hurting or headaches due to spending 4+ hours a day staring at a screen. Students recently shared Zenni Blokz glasses (be sure to look for online coupons!). Other companies  include Calmoptics and LifeArt glasses.

    FOOD: Did you know that Orange County has a number of sites that offer free food? Check out the Free Food Map and take advantage of the food that is available during this incredibly challenging time.

    MATH WEBSITES: I have my own math websites that may be useful. They provide content that is specific to each subject and can also be used for review purposes.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful, fewer-hours-on-screen-time this summer! See you all in August. Thank you for being wonderful, patient, and empathetic this past school year. Stay safe, please.



    Ms. Skipper