• Welcome to Ms. Palmer's Social Studies class! 

    During the time in which we are working at home, I will be posting enrichment lessons and activities through Google Classroom. Please turn assignments in through Google Classroom by the due date listed on the assignment.  I understand that not everyone will have consistent internet access, etc., so please be assured that lack of internet access will not negatively affect your grade

    I will be available to answer questions and give support during regular school hours (M-F, 7:50-2:25).  If possible, please use my <sandi.palmer@sausd.us> email, as I check that more frequently than <sandi.palmer@sausdlearns.net> (though I will be sure to check that one, as well).

    Here are the codes for the Google Classroom pages:

    Per. 2 (England) - jlkeatj

    Per. 3 (Denmark)-annxoo6

    Per. 4 (Norway)-cigamct

    Per. 5 (Scotland)-u3figfj

    Per. 6 (Sweden)-sqa5rk2

    Parking Lot (everyone) - hkmka76 

    Please stay safe and healthy, and keep your mind engaged! :-) 



    Welcome to Ms. Palmer's Social Studies class!

     Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  We'll be journeying around the world and through 1,000 years of history together!  Start planning for History Faire on March 27!