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     Stuart Caldwell


    The Power & Value of Collaboration 3/4/18:

    Last Thursday I got to pop in on a group of our 6th grade science and math teachers who were deeply engaged in a collaborative effort to design their lessons for the upcoming weeks. Wow was this experience powerful. A truism of teaching is that for every hour of teaching a new lesson it is typical that teachers put in 2-4 hours of planning time. This is what it takes to prepare a good lesson. Here we measure a “good lesson” by one that has a clear objective; one that actively engages students in thinking, dialogue, learning, and producing evidence of the desired learning outcome. This is not an easy task with 11, 12, 13, and 14 yearolds. Something that can make the planning and delivery of instruction more efficient – and a way to drive deeper learning outcomes – is effective collaboration among our teachers.  

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