Chemistry 2021 - 2022

  • Class Expectations

    2021 - 2022

    Mrs. Angela Williams



    This Chemistry course is intended to provide credit towards the physical science graduation requirement.




    Recommended Materials

    Students will come to class prepared DAILY with the following items:

    • Chromebook
    • Writing utensils: pencil, black/blue pen
    • Composition Note Book-given in class
    • Current homework packet/syllabus

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Phones are to be placed in the student's assigned Cubby number.
    • Phone accessories (earbuds, headphones, SMARTwatches) are to be in the student's backpack.
    • Students are marked "PRESENT" when seated, once the bell rings. If not, marked as "TARDY."
    • Excessive tardiness will result in detention, parent contact, and referrals.
    • No Profanity!
    • No food, drink, or gum in class or lab areas
    • Personal grooming is not to be done during class time.
    • Phone devices will be confiscated, if used during class without teacher permission.
    • Student will discuss any classroom concerns with the teacher to ensure effective communication.
    • Teacher will discuss any academic, behavioral, or personal concerns with the student to remedy before contacting parent/guardian.


    Assignments and announcements are found in the class Google Classroom. Students should opt in for the daily GC notifications.

    Chemistry is a difficult subject, but very learnable. When students are absent/tardy, learning Chemistry becomes very challenging. Classwork and homework are to ensure mastery by practice. Students will get out, what students put in to practice. To master the Chemistry content, daily practice is recommended in class and home.

    For an excused absence, upon return to class, students will have the number of days of their absence(s) to complete the assignment for FULL credit. For example: 2 days of excused absences = 2 days to complete the missing assignment for full credit. Otherwise, late work will be accepted only at 60%.


    It is student responsibility to make up missing assignments and take assessments. Any remediation is to be a mutual agreement between the student and teacher that is to be completed during the After-school Tutorials on Tues/Thurs from 3:00-4:00 pm or by appointments.


    • Lab safety is THE NUMBER 1 priority! 
    • Any student who does not adhere to the signed Lab safety contract (such as NO horseplay, not following directions, excessive chit-chatting, etc.) will be removed and will receive a zero on the assignment. The student may also receive a dry lab for all further labs.
    • Students MUST be present, the DAY BEFORE the Lab day, to complete the Pre-Lab assignment in order to participate in the LAB. 
    • Students are required to wear proper lab attire at all times as well as to maintain a safe environment.
    • Labs are an essential part of this class and will be conducted with utmost safety and professionalism. 

    Grading Policy

    Grades can be monitored on Aeries. Grades are weighted according to the following:

    •   5% = Homework/Classwork
    • 20% = Labs/Projects
    • 25% = Quizzes
    • 40% = Exams 
    • 10% = Final Exam

    The grading scale is as follows:

                100 – 90%        A

                  89 – 80%        B

                  79 – 70%        C

                  69 – 60%        D

                  59 – 50%        F (NO CREDIT)

    Progressive Discipline Plan:

    Students who do not follow the rules will be issued the following consequence(s):

    • 1st minor offense: warning/student conference
    • 2nd minor offense: Parent phone call/conference
    • 3rd offense: referral to administration

     These class expectations are subject to change.