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2017 Employees of the Year

2017 Teachers, Support Staff Educators, and Classified Employees of the Year Announced

Congratulations to our 2017 Teachers of the Year, Support Staff Educators of the Year, and Classified School Employees of the Year! Each school selected one teacher that embodies and features the excellence in its teaching staff. Each site also nominated one exemplary Classified employee that does the essential work that keeps our schools up and running. In addition, many schools also selected a support staff educator who plays a key role in the academic success of students. The 2017 SAUSD Classified Employees of the Year will be recognized on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, and the Educators of the Year, which includes Teachers and Support Services staff, will be recognized at the 2017 SAUSD Educators of the Year Ceremony on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Both events will take place at Santa Ana High School.


Teachers of the Year
Elementary Schools First Name Last Name
Adams Elementary School Laura Van De Merghel
Advanced Learning Academy Barbara Hogan
Carver Elementary School Diana Ruth  Cortes
Davis Elementary School Ora  Mounphiphak
Diamond Elementary School Rosie Robles
Edison Elementary School Sharon  Henyan
Esqueda Elementary School Patti Dodge
Franklin Elementary School Angela Sleiman
Fremont Elementary School Miriam Ramirez
Garfield Elementary School Tracy Ricca
Greenville Fundamental Elementary School Karen Cronin
Harvey Elementary School Cory Gonzalez
Heninger Elementary School Sharon  Knight
Heroes Elementary School Maritza Ramirez
Hoover Elementary School Kathleen  Hoolihan
Jackson Elementary School Nancy J. Garcia
Jefferson Elementary School Olivia Galvez
Kennedy Elementary School KaNhol Heng
King Elementary School Angelica Torres-Leyva
Lincoln Elementary School Ralph Prado
Lowell Elementary School Oralia Aguilera
Madison Elementary School Nicole  Hamamura
Martin Elementary School Katy Su
Mitchell Child Development Center Stephanie  Tellez
Monroe Elementary School Cristina Soto
Monte Vista Elementary School Sheri Fariba Agahi
Muir Fundamental Elementary School Patricia (Patsy) Dyson
Pio Pico Elementary School Glennys Rossmann
Romero-Cruz Elementary School Scott Clyde Vom Steeg
Roosevelt Elementary School Dany Cortez
Santiago Elementary School Richard Santana
Sepulveda Elementary School Kim   Secor
Taft Elementary School Jessalyn J.  Deputy-Ortega
Thorpe Fundamental Elementary School Katherine Stahle
Walker Elementary School Ilian  Guzman
Washington Elementary School Amanda Cantey
Wilson Elementary School Crystal  Juarez
Early Childhood Education Elena Fernandez
Intermediate Schools First Name Last Name
Carr Intermediate School Patricia  Wedekind 
Lathrop Intermediate School Terri Heuberger
MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School Patrick  Evans
McFadden Intermediate School Norma Lomeli
Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School Marcus Lubba
Sierra Preparatory Academy Angela Yepes
Spurgeon Intermediate School Caitlyn Gregory
Villa Fundamental Intermediate School Stephanie  Thatcher
Willard Intermediate School Laura Compton
High Schools First Name Last Name
Century High School James Oveson
Chavez High School Chu Ho "Sarah"  Park
Career Technical Education Christine Rich
Godinez Fundamental High School Ernie Cannata
Lorin Griset Academy Catherine Gaw
Middle College High School Cassandra Silverstein
REACH Academy Frank Haydis
Saddleback High School Monica Dalton
Santa Ana High School Scott Glabb
Segerstrom High School Thomas Pfeifer
Valley High School Teresa Cavazos
Support Services Educators of the Year
Elementary Schools First Name Last Name
Adams Elementary School Paul Tenenbaum Speech and Language Pathologist
Carver Elementary School Anastatia Alcaraz Speech Language Pathologist
Davis Elementary School  Sandra Ruvalcaba-Yaghoubi Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Diamond Elementary School Gary Halverson Music Teacher
Edison Elementary School Sharon  Larson Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Esqueda Elementary School Luis (Mariano) Reyes Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Franklin Elementary School Eric Vismantas Music Teacher
Fremont Elementary School Maria     Roman Mild/Mod (SDC) Teacher
Garfield Elementary School Nichole  Aldrich Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Greenville Fundamental Elementary School Dale Rau Speech and Language Pathologist
Harvey Elemenrtary School Giancarlo Pena Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
Heninger Elementary School  Susan  Skelton Psychologist
Heroes Elementary School Marina Edward Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Hoover Elementary School  Monica Aguirre Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) 
Jackson Elementary School Bianca Alessandra Barquin Psychologist
Jefferson Elementary School Rosa    Ceja Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Kennedy Elementary School Janet Schermer Music Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School Mary Crandall Speech and Language Pathologist 
Lowell Elementary School Maria A. Sanchez Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Madison Elementary School Dana  Hermocillo Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Martin Elementary School Karah George Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Monte Vista Elementary School Eneida Garcia Mild/Mod (SDC) Teacher 
Muir Fundamental Elementary School Jessica Reyes Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Roosevelt Elementary School Cheryl  Cates Speech Language Pathologist
Santiago Elementary School Andres Guillen Counselor
Sepulveda Elementary School Marcela    Ortiz Psychologist
Taft Elementary School Christy Anne Aycock Speech and Language Pathologist 
Walker Elementary School  Tanya Guzman Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Washington Elementary School Allison Amanda  Reigle  Psychologist
Wilson Elementary School Dr. Mark  Van Horn Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Intermediate Schools First Name Last Name
Carr Intermediate School Mayra Vidrios Counselor
Lathrop Intermediate School Heather Marie Hammer Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School Elizabeth Czaja Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
McFadden Intermediate School Julie Corell Speech and Language Pathologist 
Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School Stacey Gregrow Adaptive P.E. Teacher
Spurgeon Intermediate School  Dr. Roger Frazier Counselor
Willard Intermediate School Heather  Rigby Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
High Schools First Name Last Name
Century High School Rosalina "Rosie"  Espinoza ELD Coordinator
Chavez High School Lisa  Steele-Hasen Mild/Mod (RSP) Teacher 
Godinez Fundamental High School Dr. Julie Shah Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Lorin Griet Academy Gannon Burks Teacher on Special Assignement (TOSA)
REACH Academy Gannon Burks Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Saddleback High School Nancy Villarreal Counselor
Santa Ana High School Brian Lillie Athletic Director
Segerstrom High School Vivian Phan Psychologist
Valley High School Robbie Wayne Walshe ELD Coordinator
Classified School Employees of the Year
Elementary Schools First Name Last Name
Adams Elementary School Andres Ruvalcaba Plant Custodian
Advanced Learning Academy Maria “Vycki”  Brito Site Clerk
Carver Elementary School Eddie  Oregel Plant Custodian
Davis Elementary School Alfredo  Guillen After School Instructional Provider
Davis Elementary School Eloise Sanchez Office Manager
Diamond Elementary School Winona "Nikki" OCampo Food Service Supervisor
Edison Elementary School Aida Alcala Office Manager
Esqueda Elementary School Jeff Fitzpatrick Instructional Assistant - Computers
Franklin Elementary School Vanessa Jimenez Licensed Vocational Nurse
Fremont Elementary School Jessica Ordaz Site Clerk
Garfield Elementary School Ivonne Pittman Site Clerk
Greenville Fundamental Elementary School Vera Salinas Library Media Technician
Harvey Elementary School Dora Saldana Instructional Assistant - Severely Disabled
Heninger Elementary School Cristina Cifuentes Office Manager
Heroes Elementary School Marcos Perez Instructional Assistant - Computers
Hoover Elementary School Omar  Diaz Plant Custodian
Jackson Elementary School Graciela Rodriguez Office Assistant
Jefferson Elementary School Nydia  Saenz Site Clerk
Kennedy Elementary School Nancy Aguirre Instructional Assistant - Severely Disabled
Kennedy Elementary School Yareli Rebia Library Media Technician
King Elementary School Clarence  Jones Plant Custodian
Lincoln Elementary School Karen Buckley Site Clerk
Lowell Elementary School Marco Ulloa Lopez Custodian
Madison Elementary School Carmen Cerda Instructional Assistant - Computers
Martin Elementary School Dante Jusay Plant Custodian
Mitchell Child Development Center Rocio Pulido Bilingual Technician
Monroe Elementary School Yadira Archila Site Clerk
Monte Vista Elementary School Roberto Cuellar Plant Custodian
Muir Fundamental Elementary School Robin  Livezey Site Clerk
Pio Pico Elementary School Alfredo Sanchez Plant Custodian
Romero-Cruz Elementary School Andrea Alvarez Office Assistant
Roosevelt Elementary School Patricia Mares Autism Paraprofessional
Santiago Elementary School Giovanni A. Aguilar Plant Custodian
Sepulveda Elementary School Delia   Planes After School Instructional Provider
Taft Elementary School Maritsa Barajas Instructional Aide - Computers
Thorpe Fundamental Elementary School Berenice Sanchez Office Assistant
Walker Elementary School Elva Euyoque Office Assistant
Washington Elementary School Jaime Vasquez Autism Paraprofessional
Wilson Elementary School Ana M.  Jasso Instructional Aide - Computers
Early Childhood Education Carla Noriega Community Worker
Intermediate Schools First Name Last Name
Carr Intermediate School Veronica  Garcia Library Media Technician
Lathrop Intermediate School Daniel L. Pulido Lead Custodian
MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School Norma  Godinez-Canal Registrar
McFadden Intermediate School Kristina Nowland Site Clerk
Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School Joe Miramontes Plant Custodian
Sierra Preparatory Academy Sandra Pacheco Library Media Technician
Spurgeon Intermediate School Cesar Alfaro Food Service Supervisor
Villa Fundamental Intermediate School Maria Gomez District Safety Officer
Willard Intermediate School Maria Pilar Sanchez Library Media Technician
High Schools First Name Last Name
Century High School Patricia Flores District Safety Officer
Chavez High School Osbaldo Avina Plant Manager
REACH Academy Claudia Ruvalcaba Office Assistant
Godinez Fundamental High School Raquel  Serafin Office Manager
Lorin Griset Academy Mark  Morales District Safety Officer
Middle College High School Lorena Amador Attendance Technician
Saddleback High School Carolina  Flores Office Assistant
Santa Ana High School Erika Islas Office Manager
Segerstrom High School Irasema Perez Office Manager
Valley High School Matilda Barriga Office Manager