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Santa Ana
Unified School District
Julie Infante, Principal
520 West Walnut Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 714.567.4900
Fax: 714.567.4952

Dr. Reynolds
       Dr. Gary Reynolds, at SAHS since 1987,  teaches Physics and Chemistry ,and is the faculty advisor for the Santa Ana High School Robotics Engineering Club.  
Contact Dr. Reynolds at: and visit .
 Gary Reynolds
Dr. Reynolds with the engineering club's solar compass mounted on the "CyberRider"  robotic vehicle. 
 Physics lab - Newtons laws   Chem lab- brick testing
1)   Physics lab in Newton's 2d law -  F = m a .                                             2) Chemistry lab - Testing strength of adobe clay bricks.
 Ocampo     Team ScorpionX    
3) Jerry Barbosa and Dan Ocampo building a robotic vehicle.  4) Matt Pulido and Martin Rodriguez writing code for "Scorpion-X"
5) Below, Aaron Raya's "SubZero"                                         6)  Team Mustang - Erik Andres and Christian Jimenez
Team Mustang
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