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2014-15 Principal's Message

Todd Irving, Principal


Parents, Students and Staff, I am very proud of the progress Spurgeon Intermediate has shown. I have had high expectations for our students and staff and the response I have received is incredible.  We hosted the 1st Semester Awards Assembly last month to reward our students for the excellence they have shown.  We handed out 1,391 awards at our assembly.  463 students received an award for increasing their score on the Reading MAPS test.  We had 354 students who received an award because they increased their score on the Math MAPS test. 213 of our scholarly students received an award for Scholastic Society, which meant they received all A’s and B’s for the 1st semester. Our “O club” consisted of 155 students who received all O’s and one S or better in citizenship.  116 students were not absent during the 3rd marking period and received a Perfect Attendance Award for the marking period. 39 of our amazing students received the Perfect Attendance Award for the entire first semester. My Principal’s Honor Roll certificate was awarded to 51 excellent students who received all A’s for the 1st semester.

I cannot express how proud I am of our Spurgeon Cougars and how grateful I am to be partnered with the teachers and parents who have helped our students succeed. With less than 60 days left, I am sure that our students will continue to amaze us.  These young men and ladies are well on their way to an excellent future, and we at Spurgeon are honored to be a part of their scholastic journey to a higher education. 

We invite our community to join us on tours for our potential future students to see what we have accomplished. Please contact us to schedule your tour.


Todd Irving



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